Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hey what up every body!!!! 
 We are hoping that these sweet smiling faces will make up for the horrible job we (ok.. ok... I) have done at updating our blog. SOOO here is a whole mess of photos and ra ra ra random order.

I cut Payton's hair. I took her in to be cut and they just took scissors to it in a straight chop. So I googled some videos of how to cute and a-line and did it myself.

We went to ALL the Beavers baseball world series regional and super regional games. It was a lot of fun!

Especially when we won!! Payton thought it was pretty loud, but awesome.

We even got a date night out of it one night.

Ben thought it would be fun to teach Payt how to golf... and then put a hole in my rear windshield.... 
Poor Tony...

Here is a random one of the odd stances Payton likes to take. I crack up all the time at them.

Here is Ben being an awesome dad. He has also painted a  many a toes nails AND allowed Pay to paint his. The topper has to be holding out his hands for Payton to throw up into though... That is pretty awesome dad skills.

We got to attend the Brown Family Reunion this year!! So much fun! This is us crusin the the car. Payt is makin an awesome stink face...
 We stopped off at the Steen mountains where Ben has grown up hunting and camping. Daddy had to capture a few cute photos of the little girl.
 She was quite the trooper for the 12 hour driver each way.
 The "camping" was at a place called Cherry City in Utah where there was a water park.
 and putt putt golfing

 We HAD to stop at Cafe Rio on our way back and I snapped this little beauty.. She is going to be sooo much trouble and she doesn't even know it....
 After we got back from the Family reunion I started work!!!
It has been a crazy transition and a tough one to not be with Payton all day, but I do love my job and her day care is literally 7 miles down the road. She loves it and it is really good for her to socialize with other children.
My job is crazy! I work for a company called Sentry in their non-standard auto insurance. I am a claims adjuster. Sooooo when all those people who are reeeeaaallly hard to insure get into a car accident I am the person who has to figure it all out and pay. I have learned A LOT in the 2.5 months I have worked there and I love my co-workers. The day flies by and I get to pick up my little love and spend some great quality time.

Payton and Yai Yai came and took me out to lunch in my first week. That was a lot of fun!

 For the fourth of July we reaalllly missed being at Grandma Cox's house. But being at Yai Yai and Pa Pa's was a great place to be! We got all decked out in our red white and blue and set off fireworks and ate great food.

My older sister Sadie got married!! Couldnt be happier for her and the kids and my new brother in law Dave. She asked me to do the cake and gave me a tall order with this beautiful cake ...
 I did an ok job I think.

The cake was lemon with a strawberry filling. I did a dozen cupcakes the same and a candied lemon on top and then some chocolate with butter cream frosting.

Wedding photos: (I think we are a pretty good looking bunch!!)

 I dont know how my mom and dad did it.... four beautiful girls?!?!!

While my mom was out for the wedding and the new arrival of my brother's baby Lydia we had some fun time at the pool!!! 

They are best friends!

We have been having fun in Yai Yais backyard this summer!
Especially helping out in the garden.

We HAD to get to the beach a few more times before the summer ended. Payton's pure joy in her face while flying a kite is priceless. 
 We found an awesome starfish. Actually we found a ton of them but this one was getting stranded as the tide was going out so we saved it.
 Pa Pa took us out on his boat to go crabbing while we were there too.

I got the privileged to go out to dinner with these beautiful ladies... Christine is my co-worker (far right) her mother (middle), her friend (left) and my mother in law (below). There is a local produce store just a stones throw away from Kim and Rich's called EZ orchards. They grow amazing produce and sell it in their little store and import the most amazing olive oils, balsamic vinegar and much more. They do this dinner called Farm to Fork and they have a local chef come in and cook with all their produce and local products. It was delicious!!

 Payton and I got to go camping with our ward for the mother daughter camp out. We made best friend bracelets.

And then we ended the summer with the State Fair! Payton loves the State Fair.
 Earlier in the summer we went to a rodeo and she thought that was pretty cool. She tried on a cowboy hat but we didn't get it. She couldn't stop talking about that hat so when we got to the fair we got her one.
 First time getting her face painted!
 Seriously... what am I going to do about this face?!?


I couldn't help snapping a picture of this classy and up standing gentleman.... No that is not a sweater he is wearing under those overalls. Payton couldn't look away. I couldn't either...

And we will finish the post out with our smiling faces again... Please forgive us! I can't promise it wont happen again... 

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